Awake from our sleep! Jesus is here!

Reflection for Laetare Sunday

Peace and all good! Today, we celebrate Laetare Sunday! This Sunday marks the halfway point of Lent. Laetare means joy and the vestments that are worn today are rose-colored. Join our Director, Father Richard-Jacob Forcier, as he reflects on today’s Gospel.

This Sunday, if you do not hear the readings for the RCIA candidates, you will hear about the secret meeting between Jesus and Nicodemus. Nicodemus was a high ranking Pharisee, learned and well respected amongst the Jewish people. When Nicodemus saw Mary ‘healed,’ he began to look for who healed Mary. His search led him to Jesus. Because he was scared to show his faith in Jesus, he met with Jesus in the middle of the night. The meeting was not one of questioning Jesus, rather, it was a meeting for Nicodemus to know who Jesus is – the Son of Man. Even though Nicodemus believed Jesus after the encounter, he did not have the courage to commit to following Jesus.

Nicodemus’ encounter with Jesus is an important message for us. How often do you want to meet Jesus in the middle of the night? Are you fearful of what others my think if you follow Him? How often do you believe in Jesus but are lacking the courage to follow Him?