A Note from Fr. Richard

May 2023

Dear Companion of St. Anthony:

Peace and all good.

Recently I was walking in the St. Anthony Garden of Eternity, enjoying the new growth springing up.  As you may know there are thirteen areas of reflection and prayer along the path symbolizing our spiritual journey to heaven. At each stopping point there is a theme and saying from St. Anthony.  I always have to stop at the second station, or room, within the garden.  This is the area of Faith.  The saying from St. Anthony at this stopping point is challenging to me: Take note: it is one thing to “believe God,” another to “believe that” there is a God, and another to “believe in’ God.”

Each Sunday we make our Profession of Faith within the mass.  Each Sunday, I must remind myself that these are not merely words, but our affirmation of what we believe.  The saints who have gone before us lived their profession of faith with lives of service and love of God and neighbor.  It is our shared belief in God that binds us together and makes us one community.  This is the heart of the Companions and the Shrine and why so many individuals find this their spiritual home.

Home is where the heart is, and I am always touched by your generosity and all your prayerful support.

In Christ and St. Anthony,

Fr. Richard-Jacob Forcier, OFM Conv.

Spiritual Guardian, Companions of St. Anthony

Director and Rector of the Shrine of St. Anthony