Fr. Angelo’s Note

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Once again, today we celebrate our novena in honor of St. Anthony. We do so also as we approach the end of the Easter season.

Soon we will begin another novena, the first novena, in preparation for the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Jesus goes away from his apostles in order to send a new Advocate, who will testify on his behalf, and who will come to our defense.

As we await a new arrival, the restoration of our free movement, association, and livelihood, we continue to gestate and preserve the life given to us by the resurrected Savior. The Lord gives us a purpose that transcends what we can see and feel.

Please be assured of our continued prayers and solidarity. We hope to see you soon in person. Meanwhile, we continue to be present virtually awaiting the newness to come.


Fr. Angelo