Fr. Angelo’s Note

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Long periods of isolation or, on the other hand, weeks with a lack of privacy can wear us thin. Times like these can negatively shape our perspective of what is happening around us, especially if our contact with “the outside world,” is largely filtered to us through news coverage. We need to be in control of our perspective, or better, we would benefit a great deal if we were to allow the Lord to shape our thinking.

That is why the friars and Companions at Shrine of St. Anthony are here for you in every way we’re able. We want to facilitate bringing about the conditions that are helpful for you to encounter the Lord in your extraordinary daily circumstances. Our celebration of the Mass is lived streamed from our FaceBook page every morning at 8:30 and then is available for on-demand viewing. The friars are also producing various video presentations intended to help you spiritually in the here and now.

On Friday May 1st, the bishops of the United States and Canada are going to reconsecrate our countries to Mary, Mother of The Church. Here at the shine will be doing the same. First, we will be praying the Rosary together with each of the five decades in a different language, reflecting the cultural diversity of our fraternity and public ministry. Secondly, we will pray together the consecration prayer, lifting up our country, our states, counties, cities, and all our people to Mary, Mother of the Church. Please join us. The video will be posted on the FaceBook page on Friday, May 1st for on-demand viewing.

Change the narrative! Stay close to the Lord and his holy Mother… and St. Anthony!

We continue to pray for all of you.

May the Lord give you peace.

Thank you for all your support.

Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger, OFM Conv.