St. Anthony of Padua is one of the most beloved saints in Christendom. People all over the world pray for his intercession, whether it be Portugal, his homeland, or Italy, his adopted home, Eastern Europe, where Roman Catholics are a minority, and even in certain Muslim countries where people light candles to ask for his assistance.

In the United States and Canada, he is especially venerated as the saint of the lost. People who have lost their car keys, wedding rings, important legal documents, pets, etc., all seek his intercession. And he comes through! So many people speak of his powerful intercession and how they found things that they thought had been irretrievably lost.

St. Anthony has long been considered the patron saint of the lost, but how did that begin? During his lifetime and after his death, he was known as someone who helped people who had lost their way, e.g. those who had lost their faith, been betrayed by their families, been mistreated by society, etc. Through his preaching and constant example of a life lived in Christ, he helped them find their way back home again (whether this be to Christ, to their families, to finding peace in their lives, etc.).

Several years ago, St. Anthony of Padua Province in the United States began an initiative to foster devotion to St. Anthony. They wanted to extend his reach beyond keys and rings to these other more personal needs. One of the first developments was a litany dedicated to St. Anthony called the Litany of the Lost. It refers to many of the things that we have lost, and it appeals for the intercession of St. Anthony to help us in our loss.

This site offers an opportunity to unpack the list a bit and to ask for St. Anthony's intercession for the losses we and our loved ones have experienced. Each page explains why we would turn to St. Anthony for a particular need. You can inscribe yourself or your loved one to request the prayers of the friars and our other Companions of St. Anthony. There is also a novena prayer that you can recite at home so that you might join the Companions of St. Anthony as they lift up your need to St. Anthony, the patron saint of the lost. (Novena prayers to most saints last nine days, but those to St. Anthony usually last thirteen days to commemorate the fact that he died on June 13th.)

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